“WATERWAY” presents renewed propositions on water, through performance, installation, talk, workshop and other creative forms, based on Miho’s original in-depth research on Japan’s ancient cultural/spiritual practices on water, as a source for sustainable modes of life, as well as site-specific research on urban relationships to water at the site of performance.

Choreography is inspired by ancient wisdom including cosmology, geography, musicology, concepts, symbolism, mythology and spiritual practices, the ying/yang numerology of Bagua, traditional Japanese arts of Ikebana flower art and Noh to offer an experience of potentiality of life beyond mere interrogations of the limit of post-modernization frameworks to offer.

Conceived and performed by Miho Tsujii
Video, Sound by Miho Tsujii
Calligraphy installation and performance by Kanako Sehara

・Hamburg-Osaka Sister City Project (2019 to present)
・Zeniya Gallery (Osaka/2020)
・Hankyu Department Store/Saga Goryu Koushu Branch(Osaka/2018)

・Tokyo University of the Arts (Tokyo/2019)

・Washington State University (Washington State, US/2022)
・Tisch School of the Arts at New York University (New York/2022)
© Miho Tsujii all rights reserved.