PerformancesRadiation of Human Body

Solo monologue with visual image projection conceived in the midst of Fukushima nuclear meltdown of Mar 11, 2011. This work is inspired by her friend, who was surviving parallel radiation of "nuclear" catastrophe on one hand, and a "radiation" therapy for healing purposes on the other for her breast cancer.

The friend had recorded the transformative state of her body with a cellphone / home camera, every time she received a treatment. She delegated Miho to use her photographs. Miho printed them on soft rice papers. Fears, courage, strength. Body undergoing markups, swells, burns and healing. Light that was on her when the photographs were taken. Encapsulating that moment when the dawn of light shined on the photographs, which awakened the artist to a “sense of life.”


Conceived and performed by Miho Tsujii
Photographs contributed by the subject and produced by Miho Tsujii
© Miho Tsujii all rights reserved.