PerformancesCUNTethics & SQUATconstallation

Fictive Live Performance Exchange "CUNTethics & SQUATconstallation"

Berlin-based project with artists from East & West

Online Performance as Guest Artist
Aug-October 2021

Created by Yuko Kaseki, Teo Vlad, Lea Kieffer, Mieko Suzuki, sowie Maco, Lea Marie Uria, Evgenia Chetvertkova, Naia Burucoa und weitere Künstlerinnen

Performance joined by Kanako Sehara, Miho Tsujii und weitere Künstlerinnen

An intermedia dance performance reflecting on different levels diverse perspectives of womens reality and stories, dedicated to experimental art as a medium of personal and collective healing.
At the border between East and West, focusing on forgotten and forbidden female stories, a group of Berlin artists and their guests embark on a journey through historical memories of spaces and cultures.

CUNTethics investigates the etymology and interpretation of devaluating names used for the female body and identity, from priestesses, queens, and goddesses to prostitutes, witches and property. SQUATconstellations provides an insight into the past of Berlin as an occupied city and a place of free expression rewriting a framework for future local perspectives.

Under the motto empowering women, the artists develop episodic interactive formats between reality and fiction. Together with women from the neighborhoods and the independent cultural scene, they offer sharings, exchanges, discussions, picnics, voice and physical trainings, cleansing rituals and herbal meditations, handcraft offers as well as dance workshops and cultural-political debates.

The multi-faceted and multi-layered processes flow together in several intermedial and participative exhibition performances with a ritualistic touch. A collective experience in which individual identities can feel their strength together.

Photos: Marcelina Wellmer
© Miho Tsujii all rights reserved.