Solo Performance "Angeles Novus” at Mies van der Rohe Haus , Berlin, Germany, August 31, 2018. Click → video
ソロ公演「歴史の天使」2018年8月31日 ベルリン@ Mies van der Rohe Haus クリック→ 公演映像
Solo Performance "Kiss My Radioactive Ass Goodbye" with guest sound artist Tagomago at HIGURE 17-15 cas gallery, Tokyo, July 27, 2019. Guest sound co-performance by Tsuyoshi Nakamaru.
ソロ公演「Kiss My Radioactive Ass Goodbye」with ゲスト・サウンドアーティスト Tagomago 2019年7月27日 東京 @ HIGURE 17-15 cas gallery
"Waterway" Performance at Zeniya Gallery, Osaka City, Japan

Hamburg-Osaka SIster City Project

Conceived and performed by Miho Tsujii
Video, Sound by Miho Tsujii
Calligraphy installation and performance by Kanako Sehara
Performance "Waterway" in Hamburg, Germany.

Hamburg-Osaka Sister City Project

公演「Waterway」2020年3月 ドイツ、ハンブルク
GUEST PERFORMANCE / 10 Sessions of
Fictive Live Performance Exchange "CUNTethics & SQUATconstallation"

Berlin-based project with artists from East & West

Online Performance as Guest Artist

Created by Yuko Kaseki, Teo Vlad, Lea Kieffer, Mieko Suzuki, sowie Maco, Lea Marie Uria, Evgenia Chetvertkova, Naia Burucoa und weitere Künstlerinnen

An intermedia dance performance reflecting on different levels diverse perspectives of womens reality and stories, dedicated to experimental art as a medium of personal and collective healing.
At the border between East and West, focusing on forgotten and forbidden female stories, a group of Berlin artists and their guests embark on a journey through historical memories of spaces and cultures.

CUNTethics investigates the etymology and interpretation of devaluating names used for the female body and identity, from priestesses, queens, and goddesses to prostitutes, witches and property. SQUATconstellations provides an insight into the past of Berlin as an occupied city and a place of free expression rewriting a framework for future local perspectives.

Under the motto empowering women, the artists develop episodic interactive formats between reality and fiction. Together with women from the neighborhoods and the independent cultural scene, they offer sharings, exchanges, discussions, picnics, voice and physical trainings, cleansing rituals and herbal meditations, handcraft offers as well as dance workshops and cultural-political debates.

The multi-faceted and multi-layered processes flow together in several intermedial and participative exhibition performances with a ritualistic touch. A collective experience in which individual identities can feel their strength together.

Photos: Marcelina Wellmer
"Voice of Void" Virtual Reality & Video Work by Ho Tzu Nyen

Assistant Dramaturg and Translator for the "Voice of Void," a virtual reality & video work by Ho Tzu Nyen
Premiered at Yamaguchi Center for Arts and Media, Japan (April 3 - July 4, 2021)
Presented at the Kyoto Arts Center as part of the Kyoto Experiment, Japan (October 1 - 23, 2021)

ドイツ デュッセルドルフのTAIFUN PLUS「高齢化社会のためのプロジェクト」 の一環として、可世木祐子(舞踏・ダンサー)、辻井美穂(パフォーマンスアーティスト)、瀬原加奈子(書道家)が大阪茨木市で「ことほぎサロン」を開催し、150名近くの市民の言葉、動き、音、生き様を紡いで創作したパフォーマンス&展示『KOTOHOGI音頭』。

2022年8月6日(土) IBALAB@広場 開演:18:30

老いるとは寿ぎ(ことほぎ)か? 呪言(コトホギ)か?


文字であり 音であり



老いをテーマに集めた 百五十名近くの市民の言葉
それは決して苦しみや衰弱のみではなく 生きること

皆で声になって 輪になって踊ろう

ときは盆 8月6日 生死の境目開く
グルグルと 時はめぐる 盆踊り
ともに輪になり 波のシワ
命のめぐり 宇宙のめぐり 



柴田聡子 趙貴子 永井啓
協力:One Art Project

2022年8月5-7日 @阪急茨木市駅前 SOCIO BANK ZONE


ことほぎとは ことをほぐこと
ことほぎサロンでは 文字の成り立ちから
身体をつかい 声に出し 音にのせ
生きること 老いること 死生観などを 喜びとしてとらえ

Re(in)spiration Performance Workshop - Berlin
with Yuko Kaseki, Miho Tsujii and Kanako Sehara
November 19-20, 2022, 11:00-17:00
Public Presentation on Nov 20, 19:00 Entrance: Donation

Place: DOCK11, Saal 3
Kastanienallee 79, 10437 Berlin

Limited spaces!!!
Fee: 180 Euro (150 Euro Early bird paid by October 25)

A collaborative workshop with Butoh dancer Yuko Kaseki, performance artist Miho Tsujii and sumi calligraphy artist Kanako Sehara.

The physical activity of inhaling and exhaling grounded in Japanese re(in)spirational practices is foundational to the “movement of life,” whose process evokes sound, movement, form and the ever-transformational waves, resonating with each other.

The blending of different Japanese arts, such as butoh, classical Noh, and calligraphy, contextualized in other cultures and personal experiences creates a unique form of expression.
This workshop begins with the breath, the process of becoming words, and the origins of the written word, then using the body, into voice, into sounds, and dancing in the revolution of the spirit of the word.

Time goes round and round
Dancing around and around
Forming the waves of wrinkles
Light and shades of wrinkle folds
Re(in)spiring cycles of life
Borders dissolve, ground shifts
In circulation of the universe

We will create a public performance on the last day of the workshop.
Kaseki, Tsujii, and Sehara with ICAS produced the KOTOHOGI SALON and KOTOHOGI SOUND HEAD supported by the PLUS project in Ibaraki City, Osaka, last August. This event is an evolution process of that project.

Click for details

Supported by CRS (Center for Remembering & Sharing), New York City
Calligraphy image: Kanako Sehara

is a Director, choreographer, Butoh dancer, performer, and teacher in Berlin.
She has been created various projects with international musicians such as Kazuhisa Uchihashi, Antonis Anissegos, Emilio Gordoa, Audrey Chen, Axel Dörner, and others, visual artists such as Morvarid K, Chiharu Shiota, Nikhil Chopra, Arata Mori and others, dancer/performer such as Shinichi Iova Koga, Minako Seki, Christine Bonansea, Sherwood Chen, Valentin Tszin and others.

Solo and ensemble performances, improvisations are performed around 30 countries. These creations are the accumulation of poetic and vivid images that incorporate the spirit of Butoh, performance, and live art. Her performance aims to reflect the outsider’s existence.
Collaboration with the Disabled Theater Thikwa (Berlin) overturns the concept of her dance and has a great influence on subsequent activities. Her strong interest in breaking borders of physical expression leads to many collaborations with international mixed ability artists.

Performance artist. Conceives, directs and performs solo and collaborative works. Her performance intersects poetic visuals, movement, vocalization, sound, multi-language, video and audience interactions. While her works are experimental, Miho is extensively trained in the Japanese traditional arts of Ikebana, Noh dance and vocals and underlying conceptual systems, which feed the technique/wisdom required to address her primary concern to regenerate life at the foot of destructions. Her works have been presented internationally at arts, theater, educational and public space, as well as with and within communities surviving catastrophic events, including Mies van Der Rohe Haus (Berlin), Brooklyn Museum (NY), La MaMa Experimental Theater (NY), New York University (Shanghai), CUNTethics & SQUATconstellation (online feminist intervention, Berlin) and O-Link House (tsunami surviving community, Japan).

She also teaches, workshops and lectures at universities, museums and communities around the world. Miho holds M.A. in Arts Politics from Tisch School of the Arts at New York University, B.A. in Sociology and Anthropology from Swarthmore College in Pennsylvania, and is trained at Bigakko experimental art dojo in Tokyo. Miho was born in Japan, raised in Germany and is currentasly based in a former factory in Osaka, Japan. She is also a shamanic healer.

Japanese calligraphy and logogram seal artist. Her solo exhibitions, featuring “science characters,” “equality/non-equality,” “cunt” among others have been presented at venues including Issoan zen monastery (2020), Kyukyodo Gallery in Ginza (2017), and Kansai Airport Exhibition Hall (2012) in Japan.

She has performed live painting for KOTOHOGI Sound Head (Osaka 2022), for 7 consecutive days inside the main window-display of Hankyu Department Store (Osaka 2014), in online performance series with Berlin-based CUNTethics and SQUATconstallation (2020), at Neu Chayamachi (Osaka, 2017) and Kiyomihara Shrine memorial for tsunami survivors (Osaka 2011).
Her calligraphy has been merchandized as Kizakura sake brand in Kyoto (2016) and Seijo Ishii 90th anniversary Debazakura sake label (2017). Kanako teaches around the world and runs her own school of calligraphy & Tenkoku in Osaka, Japan. She is a zen monk in training and an artist living with nature.
Trailer /予告ビデオ

コトホギ・ダイダンジリ祝祭 パフォーマンス

日時:2022年12月25日(日) 開演 16:30 | 開場15:45


サウンド: Mieko Suzuki(在ベルリン)

地車 | 高橋利明、吉沢孝仁、長棟智也、大友清友会有志

祭礼人 | 清見原神社、筒井美和、趙貴子

ゲスト出演 | 鳴海姫子、金亀伊織、町会有志の皆さま

映像/写真 | Justyna Feicht、宮津将

音響 | 清見原神社、清水武志
大道具 | Albatross工芸
縄 | CUNTethics & SQUATconstellation
地車 | 高橋利明、吉沢孝仁、長棟智也、大友清友会有志
祭礼人 | 清見原神社、筒井美和、趙貴子


地をひくは 女のKOTOHOGI  大地車
クルクルまわるわ 輪がまわる 
年忘れ もの忘れ 嘘かまことか 天
厄落とし 落とそうか 音そうよ 
カミサン ノ オトズレ
ことほぎ 言祝ぎ 寿ぎ輪 
感謝感激 あめあられ 


『KOTOHIGI』とはカセキユウコ、瀬原加奈子、辻井美穂の3名の異なるジャンルのアーティストが「舞踏」「書」「能楽」「歌」「語り」を基に、人々との交流とともに展開するパフォーマンス シリーズです。

 2022年8月にドイツデュッセルドルフの「TAIFUN Project」と大阪府茨木市のタイアップのもとで「老い」をテーマに『KOTOHOGI音頭』、11月にはベルリンで『KOTOHOGI阿吽』を発表。今回は年の瀬、暗闇の中に光が灯ると世界各地で祝福されるこの時分 、大地(女性)に地車(だんじり)がかかる。清美原神社で『KOTOHOGI大地車』を発表します。『KOTOHOGI』は各地に合わせてテーマも内容もゼロから作り込みます。




ベルリン在住の舞踏家、振付家、パフォーマー、講師。 ソロ、デュオ、アンサンブル、即興公演を世界30カ国以上にて上演する。 舞踏の身体性を基に、現代社会の矛盾を解体し、詩的かつアバンギャルドな作品を創る。障害者劇団、別ジャンルのアーティスト達とのコラボレーションを続け新しい表現を開拓している。

大阪市在住の書家 読売書法会評議員 
自ら主宰する書法天韻社は[書く心と文字の姿]を軸に、教育・伝統文化交流など講師として活動する一方Kanartstudio設立。[自禅(しぜん)と文字]をコンセプトに文字を探究し墨と筆、あるいは鉄筆(刀)を用いて石に刻し表現する作品の数々は自然の中から見出される独特な視点と世界観が国内や海外でも注目されている。代表作 「science character [ITO]」「unagiunagi」「トナリ」「不等号」他。阪急百貨店うめだ本店正月ウィンドウ揮毫。黄桜酒造株式会社本社「伏水蔵」扁額作成。

大阪在住のパフォーマンスアーティスト。ニューヨーク大学 Tisch School of the Arts, Arts Politics修士課程修了。NY前衛舞台芸術シーンで活動開始。一方で華道の家系に生まれ、いけばな、能楽等の伝統芸術の鍛錬に根ざす。動き・舞・声・音・多言語・映像・詩的な空間演出を用い、観客との境目をなくす演出のソロやコラボレーション作品を世界各地で発表。現代社会の【破壊】に対して【再生】が間に合わないと感じる中、古来の「知」と「技能」に手がかりと説得力を見出す。アジア・アフリカ・中東・南米・中米・北米・欧州各地のコラボレーターと協働。米国や日本の大学・美術館で講師も務める。

■Mieko Suzuki
ベルリンを拠点に活動するDJ、サウンドアーティスト、コンポーザー。重低音を基調とした彼女のサウンドパフォーマンスは、ドローンやフィールドレコーディングが電気回路のパチパチというノイズやレコードの断片音と組み合わされる。その実験的なアプローチは、地下クラブ、演劇、ダンスパフォーマンスなど、様々な空間と人への細心の注意を持って演出される。前衛的なテクノレーベルのRasterからリリースしている他、振付家のMeg Stuart、演劇監督のJohan Simonsとレギュラーなコラボーレーターである。Andrea Neumann、Sabine Erkelenzと共に即興トリオを組み Contagiousのメンバーである。

International Culture & Art Spot 2022 実行委員会
ICAS (International Culture & Art Spot)
協賛: 生野区役所
協力:清見原神社、大友清友会、株式会社 仁の蔵
特別協力 | 大阪市経済戦略局文化部、ゲーテ・インスティトゥート大阪・京都、公益財団法人茨木市文化振興財団
題字: 瀬原加奈子 宣伝美術:鍋田庸男 制作スタッフ:趙貴子 印刷協力:アドプリ
制作・広報 | イカス(International Culture & Art Spot)

KOTOHOGI Osaka Shrine Edition

Dec 25 (Sun) 4:30pm @ Kiyomihara Shrine, Osaka City
Address: 2-24-35 Shouji, Ikuno-ku, Osaka City (Map)

A site-specific collaborative performance series by three artists of distinct Japanese artistic practices, Yuko Kaseki, Kanako Sehara and Miho Tsujii, interweaving Butoh, sumi calligraphy, Noh, vocalization, and story-telling. KOTOHOGI is developed and presented through interactions with people on site.

KOTOHOGI is about the circulation of life. Its conception was inspired by aging, which in Japanese ancient systems of language, words, dance, worship and concepts, symbolizes the eternal regeneration of the universe. Traditional arts and Butoh dance in Japan also seek life’s beauty in the moment of deterioration. The seeds of hope and celebration re-emerge out of decay.

What we call ‘sustainability’ today is embedded in Japanese cultural foundations. KOTOHOGI manifests and contextualizes this concept in the lives of people at the respective time and site of performance. The production dissolves the delineation between the audience and performers, bringing them all together into the dance and song of KOTOHOGI.

KOTOHOGI is a series of performances, originally conceived in Ibaraki City, Osaka as “KOTOHOGI Sound Head” (Summer 2022), supported by TAIFUN Project based in Dusseldorf and Ibaraki City. It then travelled to Berlin for a workshop & showing “KOTOHOGI A-UN (re-inspiration)” at the historic alternative dance theater, DOCK 11, supported by Center for Remembering and Sharing based in New York City (Fall 2022).

“KOTOHOGI Dai-danjiri” will be presented on Christmas Day 2022 at a historic shrine in Osaka City, at a time when people across cultures celebrate the first light appearing in the darkness of winter solstice. Berlin and Osaka (Ikuno Ward) based women artists will co-perform with Danjiri, which is a shrine festival float that strikes the soul of people across age and gender in Osaka but have historically only been allowed only for men to perform.

The co-performance with the otherwse taboo Danjiri and staging at the shrine have not been possible without ICAS organizing with local towns leaders (14 “chokai” town units), Danjiri leaders, Osaka Ikuno Ward Office, and local people and businesses, who form the organizing committee for this show, and the support of Kiyomihara Shrine. This is particularly so because this area, where ICAS is based out of a former stone-grinding factory, has historically been vibrant with small town factories, which have largely closed, and houses diverse ethnic populations, who are aging. But this area has not been a fertile ground for art. That is why KOTOHOGI decided to bring its show to this area to bring people together and celebrate life with the power of art.

Conceived and performed by:
Yuko Kaseki (butoh dancer, choreographer, Berlin)
Kanako Sehara (calligrapher, Osaka)
Miho Tsujii (performance artist, Osaka)
Sound: Mieko Suzuki (Berlin)

Hosted by ICAS (International Culture & Art Spot, Osaka) with ICAS 2022 Organizing Committee
Supported by Osaka City Ikuno Ward Office, Kiyomihara Shrine, Osaka City, Ninokura Rice Crackers
Performance by Miho Tsujii 03/10 SUN 11am+2pm(main)
辻井美穂 パフォーマンス3/10(日)11am & 2pm (main)

Women’s World of Words
women x 
representation x language

A multi-disciplinary, multi-
lingual, visual representation

「ワードスケープ:女性 × 表現 × 言語」

at the exhibition by Maria L. Correa, 
Isabel Fassbender 
and Mariko Takagi

2024/03/01 FRI — 
2024/03/10 SUN
not on MON
11:00 — 18:00
Last day until 17:00


Horikawaoike Gallery, Kyoto

助成:同志社女子大学 共同研究

Join our dramaturgs' meeting
ドラマトゥルク・ミーティング in 京都

3/20-21 にドラマトゥルクに関する国際会議@春秋座

ーー ゲスト出演します!お越しください✨

松井智惠個展「置き去られた鏡」Closing Live
2024.4.20 sat Open 19:00 / Start 19:30 -

料金:前売 3,000円 / 当日 3,500円 *予約制 定員30名
出演:sara(.es) & 磯端伸一 Shin'ichi Isohata, guitar
   ミレーズ (松井智惠 Chie Matsui、yangjah、辻井美穂 Miho Tsujii) poetry reading
会場:Gallery Nomart (ギャラリーノマル)
   大阪市城東区永田3-5-22 tel. 06-6964-2323 e-mail.


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